Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As you all know, I was raised Mormon. After much soul-searching and church-visiting last year, however, I chose to make the switch to Episcopalian, as their beliefs more closely mirrored my own, and I had not been an actively participating Mormon, well...ever. Anyhow, though I had known many people who observed Lent, I have never practiced it myself, nor have I been too familiar with the principles and practices involved. This year changes that.

Seeing as how this is my first Lent, my first year in charge of another's spiritual education, and my first year as an active and practicing Episcopalian, I chose to go all out. Oh yes, my friends. It's not enough that because I'm breastfeeding, I am still abstaining from alcohol. And dairy, in fact, due to my lactation consultant's suggestion. And caffeine. Nor is it enough that due to my current life situation with a newborn at home, I am having to forcibly abstain from a decent night's sleep. Nope. I decided more torture was needed when deciding on my Lenten sacrifice, and decided to give up sweets. Broad, right? Let me break it down for you a bit more clearly. I cannot have:

*Ice Cream

I may still have:

*Sugar-free hot chocolate
*Sugar-free jell-o pudding
*100 calorie packs

I know that may sound odd, but a.) those don't qualify as the same type of sweets that, say, creme brulee does, and b.) if I have to give up those three as well, I am setting myself up for a quick failure when I have my first craving. Trust me - it's a major diet change. I have a sweet tooth to rival cookie monster, and probably eat nearly as many cookies. I'm also hoping to come out the other side of this Lenten season several pounds lighter!

Wish me luck!

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