Saturday, January 15, 2011

Next Up: Valentine's Day!

After Christmas and New Year's, I'm usually in the midst of a holiday hangover. The tree comes down, the decorations get stored away for next year, and the leftovers quickly dissipate, leaving my fridge (but, unfortunately, not my waistline!) a bit less full, and I take a long, earned sigh of relief. Now that I'm a parent, though, my attitude towards holidays has changed, and honestly? I cannot get enough!

Take for example Valentine's Day. The candy hearts, kissing stuffed monkeys and Valentine's party supplies hit the shelves the day the holidays were over, and for a change, this push to the next holiday was not met with dismay. Instead, it made me think fondly back to last Valentine's Day, where we dressed A up in her Beatles "Love" onesie and pink pants, presenting her with a "Happy 1st Valentine's Day" card and some candy hearts (which were obviously more for me!). We then ordered a to go meal from one of the most romantically-themed restaurants in the city, and popped open a bottle of champagne to toast over our tenderloin and cheesecake. The only thing I wish we had done differently is commemorating little A's first Valentine's Day in a more permanent way, such as a photo mug or a photo gift. Thankfully, as we all know, there is no shortage of holidays the whole year round, and, if you regret the way one went, there's always next year! That's why, this year we're ordering Shutterfly Valentine's Day cards to commemorate A's second Valentine's Day, and to send to all our Valentines!

Won't YOU be our Valentine?

I'm currently torn between these four... Which do you prefer?


  1. I feel the same way about holidays now. But, unfortunately, there aren't near as many options for boys for Valentine's Day as for girls. I want to dress Graesen up, but I think he may freak out someday if he sees a picture of himself decked out in pink and hearts :)

  2. Great idea! I really like the first and second ones. :-)

  3. I like the last one the best for you guys! And I agree that holidays are way fun now. I already got Jack's Valentine Day card and a little Snoopy plush for him. I think I'm going to make some heart shaped muffins for daycare too. Other than Christmas and his birthday, Valentine's Day and Easter are my favorite to celebrate with him!

  4. I like the last one best! Super cute idea :)

  5. I like the first one best! I'm thinking about getting some V-Day cards too - so fun!

  6. Ok, I totally love the last one! I want to get some too! Very cute! Is this another promotion by the way? Like the did for Christmas?


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