Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Party Favors.

Literally. I have a first birthday party to throw Saturday, and I'm asking for favors from you lovely readers :) (Ba-dum-cha!)

OK, bad jokes aside, help!

Saturday is Ava's birthday party. Now that we're through the craziness of the holidays and into the new year, we're going to do it up right and celebrate with friends and our makeshift family, as well as my FIL. I'm planning to steal the lovely, crafty Tiffany's idea for cake balls to serve/decorate with and maybe put in party favor bags, but what on Earth else can I give as party favors? Help! Are these even standard, need-to-have things? There will be perhaps 6-7 kids at the party, ranging in age from nearly 1-nearly 8. Eek!

Also, what are cute owl decorations? I have a tablecloth, centerpiece, balloons, streamers, a personalized banner, the works! But what else could I do that could stand out?

Lastly, anyone know where on Earth I can take balloons to be filled up? Should I rely on the kids playing and adults just hanging out talking, or do I need organized activities? Holy moly, I've been procrastinating!!

Taking all suggestions! I can throw a mean kegger, but I'm apparently an amateur in the world of children's birthday parties!


  1. Not-so-new reader, first time poster. :)

    Moreso than party favors, the thing I looked forward to every year growing up was a "birthday parade." Plastic whistles, those rolled paper horns, shakers and kazoos are pretty inexpensive and are A LOT of fun for celebrating! I guess the only hiccup is making sure they don't come out too early on in the party or the grown-ups will have a headache. :P Older kids can decorate parade flags and even get the "march" going, which was my favorite whenever it was my little sister's birthday.

    Oh, that and window markers. Something about drawing on surfaces you can't normally draw on will keep kids occupied forever... these were a huge hit at the three year old I watch's last party. :)

  2. I'm kinda waiting to see what folks say since we're in the same boat (although not for a few more weeks). I'm doing a Sock Monkey theme and plan on having candy and such for the grownups and older kids...not sure what to do for the babes though - they're all around 1 or under (with the exception of like 3 who will be 5,6 and 8 ack!).

  3. Logan's party lasted a mere 2 hours with about 5 little ones (ranging from 4-9.) I made cookies in a jar for party favors where they could take them home and have their parents help make them. Most of the adults just sat around our house, some in the formal living room, some in the family room (watching football.) Everyone gathered for presents and cake and the party was over. It goes by really quickly! Oh, and make sure you have a designated picture taker as I was WAY too busy to take any that day. Hope Ava's party is perfect and can't wait to see pictures. If you have any questions or want some ideas message me on facebook- you know where to find me. :)

  4. We didn't do little favors :-/...other than the cake pops I pade. We only had our two one year old buddies over, and What do you get as a party favor for one year olds? I guess since you will have some older kids though, you could get a few silly straws, and yoyo's, but in my experience...I throw that kind of stuff away as soon as we get home. I love Brienne's idea of the cookie mix in jars!!! I will definitely keep that in mind for next year! Try not to stress too much. I wouldnt plan a whole lot, the kids will just play and have fun, and the adults will chat and enjoy too. It will be great I'm sure. BTW...mine was SOOOO last minute too! Lol. Have Fun , can't wait to see pics!

  5. Yay for her party! We went SUPER simple with favors and just gave giant humong-o lollipops with a pictures on each side. They were such a hit because they're not an everyday thing. Even the adults were excited. :)

    You could do something like that (or tootsie pops) and tie a card to the stem with something about "how many licks to the center of the pop?" from the wise old OWL. :)

    Hope it goes great!

  6. P.S. the lollipops were from Walgreens and were only $1 which made it even nicer! I did have to go to about 8 different walgreens to get 40 of them :) Just FYI!

  7. First of all, where are you having her party? At home? If so, you should have a safe place for the kids to play. A gated area with toys/activities. For my favors, I used stockings and wrote the kids names with glitter glue (can you believe I forgot to take a picture?), but it was less than a week before Christmas too. I filled the stockings with things from Michael's- stickers, crayons, memo pads, card games, etc. Each kid also got a bath toy.

    I think it's going to be great! Don't over think it, relax, and try to enjoy it. It'll be over before you know it! Have fun!


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