Friday, April 15, 2011

She Speaks!

As promised, here's a bit more of what Ava is saying these days (for relatives and the few other potentially interested parties - for the rest of you know, I know you'd rather watch paint dry!):

"Mama mil" - for mama milk
All basic animal noises - "oof", still "aah" for cat, "caw caw" for birds, "muhhhhhh" for cow, to baa she basically blows her lips - super cute!, "cack cack" for ducks, "ssssss" for snakes, "ooh ooh ah ah" for monkeys, "cock" for roosters...always a fun one!
"bapa" - backpack
"conga" - thanks, Dora
"Bubba" - for bubbles
"choos" - for shoes
"yesh" - yes (just started this in the past few days!)
"cacuh" - cracker
"cah" - car
"cooka" - cookie
"ba-bye" - bye bye
"toot" - just what it sounds like - haha!

Her language skills have exploded recently. While before I knew that she was understanding my every word as she was able to follow instructions - both simple and a bit complex - to a tee, now she's starting to really express herself with more than a yes or no nod or by pointing. I LOVE IT!!!

I think there are more, but can't think of them right now after this long day of working and hanging out with all three girls at the pool (rough life, right?). I'm sure we'll be adding more and more to the list!

Happy Friday, ladies! Have a fantastic weekend!

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