Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Planning = STRESS.

Here's the deal. I vow not to go all bridezilla on anyone, but even still, wedding planning is stressful. Particularly when we're paying for the entire wedding, reception and all the fixins entirely on our own. Whomp whomp.

Nonetheless, it's not all bad. In fact, aside from the financial woes implicit with wedding planning, I'm actually finding it quite fun and exciting. Here's where we stand:

My dress: I found it!!!!!! Saturday, my best friend Basil and I headed out to the extremely accomodating Balina Bridal and, ten gowns later, I knew I had found my dress. I would love to post a picture here, but out of sheer concern that David would see it somehow, I'm going to refrain :( I'd love some opinions, though, if anyone wants me to email them a picture? I'll give you this much - it's strapless, and it's fancy :) I've always loved me some lengthy train, and I took that into consideration when I was shopping. It also won't come back until September because it had to be ordered in my size, but I hear that's the norm!

Wedding party: It's a bit comical that I've found my dress, and yet we have decided zilch for certain regarding the wedding. We're oscillating between two very opposite ends of the spectrum: to head for the islands/the keys/somewhere beachside and romantic just the three of us to tie the knot, or to have a wedding with our friends and family here in Austin/surrounding areas. The latter would be ideal, but weddings are COSTLY. Holy cow! Anyhow, until we decide on a locale/wedding style, we can't really name many attendants, since we don't know if/how many we'll have. But, in the case that we have a ceremony in Austin, I knew that I wanted my "honor attendant" to be the very same friend who went dress shopping with me, and so I asked him to be my Man of Honor over post-wedding dress shopping celebratory drinks. He said yes :)

The only other attendant(s) we have set is my flower girl, which will obviously be Ava. Duh. AND...she has a gown!

Check it:

The best part? It was a steal! Like, seriously cheap! I've paid twice that for outfits! WOOHOO!

As for the other flower girls, I'm seriously considering asking the two girls I nanny for. While that seems obvious, here's why it is something I have to debate. I have three sisters. Three LITTLE sisters. Like, next summer (we're shooting for the date to fall within July or August), they'll be 12, 11 and 8.5. And I fear that their feelings will be hurt if I ask S & P. BUT....they're a bit old for flower girls, right? And, not only is it an additional expense on my family (who'll already be traveling from California, including their own five plane tickets and a hotel...$$$), but they're also only going to be here for a handful of days, aka making fittings/rehearsals/etc a total pain. And, sad as it is, Ava would follow S & P anywhere, which is the entire point of having additional flower girls. My sisters (her aunts), she's met once :(

So, my question is:

-What do you think of the flower girl dress?
-Am I being an a**hole?


  1. Why not give your sisters "special roles"? Call them attendants or junior bridesmaids or something. You could give them those roles that adults don't really want to do but always end up getting asked to do. Like the guest book or the gift table. They could hand out programs at the doors. Then they get special roles, they could get dresses that match your colors - but the dresses could just be something simple

  2. LOVE the flower girl dress. No, you're not an a**hole and I agree with Jenn.... give your sisters something special to do. They will feel special and you won't have to stress any more than you already are. :-) I'd love to see the wedding dress!! Congrats again!

  3. First off, heck yes I want to see the dress! Do you have my e-mail? You can also send me a FB message! :)
    Second, you're not being an a-hole. You can talk to your family and ask them to be junior bridesmaids (very common these days) and let them know that you completely understand if they can't afford the expense. If that's the case, then find something for the girls to do such as hand out programs. (I just went back and read Jenn's response. Basically the same thing I said, LOL!)

    I do love the idea of a family getaway though. I agree, weddings are very expensive which is why I do not plan on ever having one. I would deifnitely do a family vacation to Hawaii (or someplace beachy) instead. Then come home and have a big party!

    Love Ava's dress and I can't wait to see her in it! How did you know what size to get?

    Have fun planning it all out and try not to stress or worry about it too much. Just remember, whatever you all decide, it's YOUR decision and at the end of it you will be married and can really be a family! :)

  4. Of course I want to see your dress! Also, it's your wedding! I don't know how many people told me that, but it didn't really sink in at the time. I wanted to please my parents and hubby's parents and in the end, it cost us a lot of money.

    While a wedding, ceremony, and reception will cost a lot of money, so can a beachy get-a-way.

    Think of what you really want and what really matters to you. If you want to have your sisters feel included, give them another job like handing out programs or bubbles to blow after your I Do's! S and P could also just sit in the front row and egg A on down the isle and watch over her during the ceremony if you're really concerned.

    Like I said, figure out what you two want and what really means a lot to you and go from there!

    Good luck and have fun!!

  5. I want to see the dress as well! I'm so excited for you! Ava's dress is adorable, I can't wait to see pictures of her in it as well! EEK!

    I'm with Jenn on the sister's having their own jobs to do... that's a great plan. And no, you're not being an a-hole.

  6. i say do what you want, baby girl and we will all fall in line. i like the suggestions of the gift table, bubbles and programs, that would be perfect. have fun and stop stressing about what everyone else thinks or wants. love, mom

  7. I want to see your dress!! How fun!

    I think the girls will feel special to be involved in any way. The idea of having them do a special job - ie, pass out programs - is a great one.

    Whatever you decide to do for YOUR wedding will be perfect. If I was doing it now, I'd totally go the beach route (but I already had a church wedding/reception, so my opinion is tainted. ha!)


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