Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ava: Two Years Old.

Ava had her two-year well check recently, and the doctor has confirmed what we already knew: she's awesome.

Ok, I'm kidding. I mean, yeah, she's awesome, but unfortunately that's not one of the boxes he can check. Instead, how about healthy, growing and developmentally on target? Works for me :)

As far as her stats go, homegirl is TALL and thin. Mommy is jealous :)

At two:
- Ava is 35.5 inches tall
- Ava weighs 27.4 pounds
- She wears size 2T clothing, though she can fit into 12-18 month shirts. Her legs and too long for anything but 2T.
- She still has her paci. I mean this in the nicest way when I say: if you have a problem with this, it's your problem, not ours. Ava is happy, we're happy, her doctor is happy, the dentist isn't concerned, and quite frankly, I'm not the type to rip her security item, quite literally, from her mouth. She'll give it up when she's ready, and that is that. And no, this isn't directed at any of you, but a few family members who have been giving me hell about it have me riled up.
- Ava is still breastfeeding at night, and that's another thing I won't be apologizing for anytime soon. She nurses before bed, and in the morning sometimes as well if she feels like it, and both my OB/GYN and her pedi applaud it as opposed to thinking it's "weird". Yes, another thing I'm defensive about. We're working on weaning, but again, when she's ready, she's ready.
- She still cannot have dairy :( We're still hopeful that she'll outgrow it, but dear Lord, it's taking a while.
- Ava is getting pickier with the eating. She'd live off fruit snacks, strawberries, saltine goldfish, pretzels and raisins if we'd let her. Alas, we won't. She's still pretty good about eating meat, and she loves beans, but she isn't as great at the veggies as she once was. I blame her age.
- Ava is really affectionate, and gives hugs and kisses freely!

- Ava loves loves LOVES to play with animal figurines. She's never happier than standing up all of her animals, Lion King style, and then knocking them over. Mommy loves other things more.
- Ava has become obsessed with playing blocks recently. Wooden blocks, rainbow blocks, mega blocks, you name it. If you can make "big castle!" with it, she's game.
- Ava could play dress up all day, every day. She particularly loves tutus, dresses and tiaras, along with any jewelry!

- She loves stickers. Stickers are better than candy!
- Ava could easily be potty trained if I'd get off my lazy butt and do it. It's just hard with all the kids I have with me each day. We'll be working on this more in the coming months.
- She is so compassionate with animals. She LOVES our cat, and not many would say that :)

- Ava loves to swing and slide on her playscape ALL. DAY. LONG. Unfortunately the weather has sucked throughout December until this week, so she hasn't been able to play on it as much as we had hoped, but she's gotten some great use out of it this week.
- She is the sweetest, most polite little girl I've ever met. She says, "thank you", "welcome", "scuse me" and "please with almost everything she says, and even says "sowwy" when she's done something to upset someone. I am so proud of her!
- She talks, and talks, and talks. Ava easily says 500-1000 words, if not more. She literally will repeat anything that we say. Usually this is adorable, except when she yelled "oh shit!" when she dropped her paci at Target one day. Oops.
- Ava is still obsessed with Dora. Anything Dora is a winner in my house!

- Ava loves books, and will bring them nonstop to me, sit in my lap, and saying "read books, mommy!" She gets pretty demanding about it, too. Her favorites are anything Dora, look-and-find books, and cute classics like "Barnyard Banter" and "Goodnight Moon".
- Ava is still a total mommy's girl, though a few times lately she's shunned mommy and been all about daddy. I know it makes David feel great, but it totally breaks my heart!

I'm so looking forward to and already enjoying Ava being two!

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  1. Love reading the update! That last picture is too cute! I love that she's already so into dressing up. That's one reason why I think having a girl would be so much fun- Dolls, dress-up, and tea parties. :)

    Jack's getting pickier with eating too and sometimes I feel bad that he eats so much of the same thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this! I think it's definitely the age. They're starting to assert their two-ness. :)

    I think it's great you're still nursing at night. Way to stand your ground, mama! You have to do what is right for you and Ava. No one else!

    Love that black and white picture of Ava and I loved your Christmas card!


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