Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ava's Second Birthday, and First Trip to UT!

We had such a fun day on Ava's birthday. I'm so glad that both David and I were off this past week, so that we could both be able to spend the entire day with her. We started off with just some early morning plans at the bounce house we love, but then we swung by David's office, and decided to have an impromptu day on campus, which Ava loved. Truth be told, of all the things that I've shared with Ava in her two years, taking her to the campus where David and I both went to school was one of the most special! Such an amazing day!

Starting her birthday off right, at Kids N Play! We love this place!

Ava's birthday lunch!

Visiting Daddy's office on campus:

Both David and my former dorm:

Awesome Longhorn street signs:

DKR Memorial Stadium - where the magic happens :)

Ava throwing up the hook 'em at the statue! SO PROUD!

Ava and mommy riding the horse statues in front of the alumni center:

Ava kissing Bevo:

Ava and mommy in front of Bevo statue:

The Texas Exes alumni center:

Mommy giving the hook em' in front of her life member scroll!! So exciting!

The Honor Roll of Texas Exes Life Members!

UT Map:

Just like our family!

Littlefield Fountain with the Tower in the background!

Side view of Littlefield Fountain

Ava exploring our old stomping grounds!

The Tower - an Austin monument!

Ava and Daddy on Inner Campus Drive

The turtle pond! One of mommy's favorite places on campus!

Ava loves daddy:

Mommy's old home base, Gearing Hall

Ava: future sailor?

Happy Birthday, Ava!

Happy baby, riding her new horsey from grandma!

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