Monday, December 5, 2011

November Phone Photo Dump.

One of Ava's favorite things to do currently is line all her animals up Noah's Ark style. While it was cute the first few times, it's not a total pain in my butt. If I had a dime for every time one animal fell over and caused a domino effect animal slaughter, subsequently triggering my daughter's new tendency towards histrionics, well, I could pay someone else to do this particular task for me.

Love this photo SO much. It so wonderfully captures Ava's personality!

Surrounded by boys, per usual. Daddy's going to have a heart attack.



Playing with the turtle statue while mama scopes out wedding stuff at Mayfield Park!

Mommy's little gymnast!


  1. She's adorable as usual, but aren't you a little worried about the paci messing with her teeth or is that after 2 years old?

  2. Cute pictures! She's just getting cuter and cuter!!

  3. Cute!!! She looks like such a big girl in that swing picture and on the turtle. It's crazy! And Jack does the same thing with his cars that Ava does with her animals. And they all have to be facing the same way. Too funny!

  4. My son also wants things "just so" and when they go wrong or if he can't get it "just right", the inevitable melt down ensues.

    She's getting so big...


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