Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby #2: The First Ten Weeks!

This seemed like a fitting time to announce that we're expecting our second baby because a.) today is our first anniversary, and b.) I announced it with Ava right around this same point and started blogging!

In response to the questions I've gotten so far, I feel AWFUL. Simply wretched. With A, I had an easy-peasy pregnancy that I complained about just the same, but oh my Lord, I was not prepared for this when we decided it was time to add to the family. I am sick all day, all night, frequently waking up in the middle of the night sick. Everything puts me off, every smell makes me nauseated - I basically feel like I have the flu constantly. I was most worried about the exhaustion, given the hours I work and the amount of children I watch, but the exhaustion has nothing thus far on the nausea. Prescription Zofran, B6, ginger - you name it, we tried it. Nothing helped. Zofran didn't even touch the nausea, and gave me horrible headaches. The only thing that worked at all was unisom at night, since the active ingredient interferes with your body's reaction to nausea, but the fatigue was made much worse. Despite that, I'd take fatigue over all day sickness anytime!!!! Even the carpet powder I sometimes vacuum makes me sick (learned that one the hard way). The only thing I can consistently have is Pineapple-Orange-Banana juice. Hoping the citrus-y cravings mean it's another girl - I had the same love of that juice while pregnant with Ava, despite my general lack of sickness.

As for our due date, we're due 10/30 - another holiday baby - but since I'll have a repeat cesarean (VBACs are great for those interested in pursuing them, just don't count me amongst them...), he/she will likely be born 10/23. Whew. Once we hit the 37 week mark (in a long, lonnnnngggg time), it's the sooner, the better for me.

Ava is SO excited! David advised me we should keep it a secret for a while, but then he went to work the morning we found out, and I blabbed the second the door closed. I'm AWFUL at keeping my own secrets. How I've kept this from y'all for seven weeks is a mystery! Anyhow, I was just so excited that I had to tell her - and she's been talking about the baby ever since. She insists it is a baby sister (hopefully she has a sixth sense), and is already plotting to teach her to play tag and share her books with her. She's asked me about the baby weekly since we found out, and even sometimes shared that she feels nervous about having to share. We're trying to talk through her fears the best we can - having a sibling surely is a transition, but such a wonderful addition to the family and a friend for her for life, and we're focusing on those things and trying to prepare her to help.

Anyhow, we're so excited! Here's a couple comparison belly shots to document the big news:

The day we found out:

6 weeks:

9 weeks:

So far, not too much of a belly, though I feel gross and super bloated all the time. I feel like I've put on a trillion pounds, even though I've only put on one or two. Despite the all day sickness, I tend to snack on a lot of carbs to settle my stomach, so that is unfortunately keeping weight on :(

Even though this pregnancy has been challenging so far, we're so, so excited to be welcoming another baby into our hearts and family! Stay tuned for the big gender reveal May 17th - I can hardly wait!!! 


  1. I knew a woman who could only eat Egg McMuffins for her first and second trimester (at least that's what she said). Don't feel bad about those carbs - I'm sure the ones you're having aren't nearly as bad as daily McDonalds! Hope you feel better soon, for me week 12 was the turning point exhaustion-wise. Hang in there!

  2. yayaya!!! Congrats!!:) Ava's going to be an amazing big sister! I hope you start to feel better soon. For me it was so different the second time around.

  3. I'm so excited for your family! Ava is going to be a great big sister!! I'm looking forward to seeing weekly updates, baby bump pics, and lots more! Just one request- schedule the c-section for October 22nd so I can share a birthday with the baby! ;)


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