Wednesday, July 3, 2013

23 Weeks: Our Little Grapefruit!

How far along: 23 weeks

Net weight gain/loss: up 12 lbs. Um, excuse me, what?!

Maternity clothes: oh yes. see aforementioned weight gain :(

Stretch marks: none yet, but inspecting my stomach on a routine basis now out of fear :(

Belly button: totally flat and moving quickly towards popping out

Sleep: Still waiting for that second trimester burst of energy to happen...and just four weeks left before the third trimester is supposed to suck it all back out of me. Basically, I'm just accepting I'll be tired for the next, oh, three straight years.

Baby movement: he's a little soccer player in training...

Gender: it's a boy! In fact, during both ultrasounds I had the week I had to go in to be checked, the first thing they said both times are, "Um, do you know what it is? Because if not, you'll want to look away!" Apparently he likes to display his goods....

Food cravings: salty, crunchy snacks. And sno cones, though they make me sick :(

Food aversions: red meat, ice cream, sweets. My morning sickness has come back considerably in the past two weeks, with Zofran again being a part of my daily routine. This kid just won't quit.

What I miss: not being pregnant. I find pregnancy so miserable. I already feel like a whale, my hips and tailbone and sciatic nerve hurt, my head hurts often, Braxton hicks make me constantly have to pee. I mean, enough is enough. Ugh.

Looking forward to: painting his room this week, and then starting to put the nursery furniture in!

Best moment this week: taking Ava and baby boy to the Stand with Texas Women rally!

Milestones: baby is very close to viability - a big relief for this mama!


  1. So sorry on the m/s returning! ugh!!

    Glad your ultrasound looked good! 17 weeks left! woooooooo!

  2. I craved Sno Cones something fierce with Lia. Trekked to a city fair in 90+ degree heat when I was 8 months just to get one:) hehe....Hope the third tri is better to you.


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