Thursday, July 11, 2013

Teddy Bear Picnic: Then, And Now.

I haven't been posting much about our summertime shenanigans, but it's not because we haven't been having any fun. In fact, it's been because we've been having too much fun!

Yesterday, we enjoyed some fun in the sun down at Children's Day Art Park, when we went to take in the annual Teddy Bear Picnic. I grew up reading that book with my mom, and singing that infamous song, so it is always so special to share this with Ava each year. We also love Children's Day Art Park (which takes place Wednesday mornings June through August, featuring a special guest each week) for the wonderful fun that it is, complete with face painting, arts and crafts, storytime, music, and balloons - to name just a few things! Add to that the fact that admission is .50 cents for kids, with lemonade at .10 cents per cup, and you've got the perfect morning outing!

Here is Ava last year with Teddy:

And this year: 

 On our walk to the park, 2012:

And this year, solo:

Playing the drums, circa last summer:

And this year:

 Girly face painting, then:

Goth arm painting, now:

Here are a few more shots from our fun morning downtown:

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