Monday, December 9, 2013

Tapestry Dance Company Presents: Of Mice and Music: A Jazz Nutcracker!

While Ava is still young, we've been giving a lot of thought to holiday traditions. Seeing as how we live in a different state than my family, and we won't be going to visit David's family this year seeing as how we have a newborn, a lot of those traditions are being established with just the four of us, centering around things to do over the holiday season in Austin.

A couple of years ago, as well as the year that Ava was born, I went to see Ballet Austin's production of The Nutcracker - a show we enjoyed very much! This year, however, we decided we wanted to see something slightly different, so on the recommendation of a friend, we are taking the kids to see Tapestry Dance Company's production of Of Mice and Music: A Jazz Nutcracker!

As the name might suggest, Tapestry Dance Company is The Long Center's resident tap and jazz dance company, and North America's only professional tap dance company! We are surely in for a treat, then, when the show commences this weekend!

From the show's description:
"Tapestry's annual and critically acclaimed holiday celebration!  A jazz, tap dance take on Tchaikovsky's classic with live music by Blue J and the best of Tapestry's professionals with a window into our academy best!"

You can catch the show this Friday and Saturday at the Stateside Theatre at the Paramount, located at 719 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX  78701. Showtimes include an evening performance both nights at 7 p.m., as well as a 2:00 matinee Saturday afternoon. You can find more info and purchase tickets here.

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