Sunday, December 8, 2013

Who's Hungry? (Giveaway!)

So it's been a while! Oopsies! Something about a baby and a preschooler and two jobs and all that jazz has been keeping me on my toes. In fact, that's why I'm posting today. With my recent return to work, and with me being off all dairy products for little man's tummy, I've been having a difficult time finding things to eat while on the go, and boy am I ever on the go! That's where - surprisingly - McDonald's has been coming in.

Over the past few years, McDonald's has made some huge strides towards offering healthy alternatives to traditional fast food (though I'm still a sucker for their fries!). I was recently given the opportunity to visit one of their locations and tour the facility, as well as getting a preview of their healthier kids options they've recently introduced, including low-fat strawberry go-carts, a grilled chicken wrap, and bottled Dasani water. I had a great time previewing all of the tasty food, but the absolute best part of the day for this dairy-free mama was finding out that all of their items are customizable! Did you know that? Typically, when I think of fast food, I think of things being pre-made and not able to be special ordered for food restrictions and allergies, and apparently, that is just not true! Case in point: One of the things we tried out was the premium Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie. I was bummed that I wouldn't be able to have one, but as it turns out, they made both Ava and me one without any yogurt and with just juice AND it was delicious! The best part? It was Ava's first taste of a smoothie, and she loved it!

That's just one example of how you can custom order any of McDonald's food to your specific dietary needs - something that has become increasingly important to our expanding family! My current favorites and recommendations for others who are dairy-free? I love their Chicken and Bacon wrap (just ask for no cheese and no garlic sauce, which cuts both dairy and calories!), as well as their Southwestern Chicken salad with crispy chicken, no cheese and their Italian dressing - delish!

If you're wanting a chance to try out some of their new choices yourself, here's your chance! I'm giving one lucky reader a chance to win a $25 McDonald's Arch card! Enter below!


  1. Coffee! Did you know you can order a chicken breast patty for $1? I add one an extra ine to my salad for protein and skip the dressing.

  2. I love that they have some healthier options now. I am gluten free and can still find things to eat there when we are on the go which makes me happy :)

  3. I want to try a McRib! I never have and people rave about them :)


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