Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jack's Baptism!

Between the holidays, Ava's birthday and party, and a flurry of doctor's visits I'll discuss in another post, Jack's baptism honestly snuck up on me. Thankfully, since it was going to take place during the church service rather than privately like with Ava, there was little preparation I needed to do, and - aside from the fact that my husband was up all night with food poisoning and was sick as a dog - got to sit back and relax. I like throwing a party and all, but I think I might like delegating it to someone else a little better these days…

Anyhow, here are a few choice shots from Jack's baptism at our church this morning. Being the first Sunday after Epiphany, today was baptismal Sunday in the church, with Jesus's baptism being the focal point of the service. This made it the perfect day for Jackson to become an official member of the church and to be baptized into my faith. My heart feels so light and happy today, and was made even more so by getting to see my sweet, sweet family together in the presence of my congregation and God himself. To think the first time I stood in this church, I was pregnant with Ava and so very, very lost, and now, somehow between then and arriving there this morning, I have become found. In fact, I was baptized in the exact same spot Jack was. There are no words.

Welcome, precious little child
So divine from God above
Christened today in Jesus' name,
Held in His arms of love.
May angels guide your tiny feet
And bring you smiles to wear,
And may our Heavenly Father
Always keep you in His care.

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