Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our New Braunfels Day Trip, Part 2: Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Before we headed underground to check out the amazing Natural Bridge Caverns, we spent the morning exploring the wildlife safari next door at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. While Ava had been twice before, they were both when she was two or younger, and she really enjoyed rediscovering it and interacting with all of the different animals! It was obviously Jack's first time, and we've certainly added another animal lover to our family, because he ate it all up! From feeding the goats to seeing the parrots and monkeys and lemurs on foot, to all of the safari animals during the drive through portion, he was in awe:

When we first arrived, we needed to stretch our legs after the drive down, and so we hopped out and checked out the petting zoo and walking portion of the Wildlife Ranch. The petting zoo and feeding the goats was a huge hit with both kiddos!

After we managed to feed the goats what amounted to a bags worth of food, we then explored a bit more - visiting the twin baby giraffes that are only the ninth documented set born in the world (!!), and hopped into the car for the drive through experience!

The park itself is separated by region, and the first portion was comprised of deer, elk, buffalo, yak, antelope, giraffe, and other similar creatures, and definitely was a great way to kick off the sightseeing!

From there, we then visited the Tower Plains addition that was new since our last visit, and added a couple miles to the experience!

We then made our way into the Kenyan Preserve, complete with zebras, ostriches, and more! 

We love getting up close with the animals, the kids especially, and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is the perfect place to see zoo-like animals in an up close and personal, one-of-a-kind experience!

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