Monday, February 9, 2015

Ava's Fifth Birthday Party!

I'm not setting the bar too high for prompt posting, am I?

This year, we decided to change it up, and instead of having her party at our house or - like last year - the park, we took the party to Pump It Up! after experiencing a super fun party there over the summer. I'm hesitant because I feel like we have this big house and yard and so why would I want to pay to have her party somewhere, but this year, she asked to do it elsewhere, and so I bit the bullet and said yes. I was SO GLAD I did! We may have...overinvited. Each year this happens, where I assume that since her birthday is around the holidays, most of her friends won't be able to make it. WRONG. Always wrong. In fact, it's like since it's over holiday break, people are itching to have something to do, so despite having it on a weekday during the break, we had 32 children RSVP yes. THIRTY. TWO. While I was overwhelmed at the thought of hosting so many kiddos there, I was extremely grateful to not be hosting them at our house. Numerous times during the party I said to my husband and close friends, "Can you IMAGINE having this go down at our house?" Not only was it spacious and nothing in my house got ruined/destroyed/toys didn't get fought over, it was seriously a concierge experience. Pump It Up! took care of every little detail, and I just got to enjoy it and have fun with my best girl. I would highly, highly, highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good place for a party!

So, without further adieu, I present to you Ava's fifth birthday party:

Thank you so much to all the amazing friends and family who came out to make Ava's day so special! We had people join us from New York City, Los Angeles, and more - Ava was definitely feeling the love, and so were we. I couldn't ask for better friends <3 p="">

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