Monday, June 8, 2015

Pollyanna Children's Theatre Presents "In My Own Backyard".

We've seen several Pollyanna Children's Theatre productions over the past few years, and have loved them all. Still, it's difficult to find entertainment that can engage my older child and yet still be appropriate for my energetic toddler, a struggle that I feel a lot of families out there face. Enter: Theatre for the Very Young (TVY) at Pollyanna Theatre.

This week, Pollyanna Children's Theatre presents 'In My Own Backyard': An Interactive Theatre Experience for Very Young Children. From their website:

‘In My Own Backyard’ was created to engage children as early as 18 months - 4 years of age through a visual theatre style performance and dramatic play alongside the actors. It is classified as ‘Theatre for the Very Young’ (TVY) - an umbrella term often used to describe a variety of theatre work and practices intentionally designed for children under the age of six and the first professional premiere of theatre of this type in Austin.

The play, written by playwright Bethany Lynn Corey, will debut at the AT&T Conference Room at the Long Center on Wednesday, June 10th, with showings at 9:30 and 11:00 Wednesday - Saturday, June 13th. It tells the story of ‘Squig’ and ‘Lolly’ at a backyard picnic, where they find common picnic objects inside of a picnic basket. Using their imaginations, they reinterpret the objects as playthings; musical instruments, frisbees and different animals and objects that may be found in a backyard. As the two childlike characters play and create, they deal with issues of sharing, caring and playing fair as would any set of friends.

Get your tickets online, at Pollyanna Theatre Company, or by calling (512) 743-7966, and be amongst the first to experience this breakthrough theatre experience for young children! I cannot wait to take my toddler for a mommy/son date!

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