Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party.

Ava and I attended a Halloween Party for kids in my mom's group on Wednesday morning. It was a GREAT time, despite a bit chaotic. That's expected when 25 moms and their kids RSVP, right?!

Happy to be a bee:

Little superheroes:



Finally got one of her standing, and some woman decided to try to tickle here and put her finger in the picture. Had the shot been taken 30 seconds later, she'd be crying. She doesn't like strangers tickling her...


Lovin' the swings:


  1. That bumble bee costume is ADORABLE! And Ava totally makes it cuter than ever. :-) Ya'll look like you had a fantastic time! Happy early Halloween! Have a great weekend!

  2. Can I please say it again? Ava is so cute! She is an adorable little bee... looks like fun!

  3. Third picture= my FAVE! Are arranged marriages legal? Hehe :)

  4. I LOVE her bee costume! Buzz-buzz - too cute!

    I also can't believe she's standing on her own already. Asher will stand against stuff, but there's no way he's going out on his own yet. Go Ava!


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