Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Day at the San Antonio Zoo!

Yesterday, David and I took Ava the 80ish miles down to San Antonio to the outstanding San Antonio Zoo. I'd been before, both with my oldest little sister (some 10ish years ago!) and also in the course of nannying, but it had been quite a while - at least 5 or 6 years! Anyhow, the zoo there puts the Austin Zoo to shame, and David had never been, so we hopped in the car, grabbed some coffee, and away we went! Ava was a perfect little saint, napping the entire way down and the entire way back, even though we got caught in game traffic and it took us over TWO HOURS to get home. Sweet, sweet baby :) Here's picture overload! Enjoy!

My "sister", Vanessa and I and our kiddos:

Our secret plan to actually become family:



Five porcupines "snuggling":

This Black Bear was pacing back and forth, seriously contemplating us for lunch!

Ava & Daddy

Grizzly Bear

Look at those claws!!!!

If there is anything creepier than a piranha, I'd like to hear it!

HUGE turtle! I thought it was a rock at first! (same with the hippo!)


Getting into the Halloween spirit:

Scarlet Ibises - aren't they beautiful?

I may be making this up, but pretty sure I'd never before seen a real, live hippo!

In a while, crocodile:

This is a super rare Okapi, a giraffe-meets-zebra African anomaly:

African Wild Dog:

I love elephants, and A got a kick out of seeing a real one!

A & I posing on the baby elephant:

Black Rhino:

White Rhino:

I love cats, but geeeeeeeeeez the cats at the San Antonio Zoo are LAZY!


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