Thursday, August 4, 2011

California Trip - 2011

I'm lacking for words, since I'm not feeling at my best and still had to go to the optometrist this morning and then work a nine hour day that still has six hours left on it, but here's a photo bomb recap of our vacation trip! Full post on advice for flying with a toddler forthcoming another day :) Enjoy!

Day 1: Arriving, and relaxing

Post-travel family pic (excuse the tired looks)..

Riding a big girl trike! What a big girl!

Playing with aunts and cousins!

Day 2: Cover's Apple Ranch and Down Time

Fun times at Cover's Apple Ranch and Petting Zoo (though super disappointed the train was down!)

Day 3: Pinecrest Lake

One very full car (1 of 3!) en route to Pinecrest

Welcome to Pinecrest Beach

Ava's major lifevest. No one was going to drown on this mom's watch:

Ava & G-pa!


Shocked she would go in the COLD water!

Floating with mama :)

The gorgeous scenery that is Pinecrest Lake:

Day 4: Home again...

Our big family pic, with the three of us, Ava's three aunts (my baby sisters), and my grandparents:

Headed home!

Ava LOVES planes!

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  1. What cute pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time!!


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