Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Nostalgia.

I've been on a serious cleaning and organization spree lately. Seriously, I've crossed more off my never-ending to do list in the past four days than the past four weeks or more! Wowsa.

While cleaning out and putting away Ava's baby clothes and toys earlier today, I came across a large peacock feather. Ok, no big deal, right? We've only been to the "Peacock Park" - aka Mayfield Park - many, many times. But it gave me a chill to see it. I remember the day that we found it and brought it home. Ava was only a couple of months old, and I had taken her to Mayfield for the first time and had both girls in tow. I was so touched that they found it and yet let Ava have it - it was so symbolic of their general nature towards her, and so I kept it.

In a little over seven and a half months, we'll be married in that park.

It makes me a bit emotional to think that before Ava was even thought of, and during my pregnancy with her, and than many times in her little life we've tread on the ground that will be the very place we say our vows to one another.

Peacocks really are magical.


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