Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Wedding Shoes!

Last week, in the midst of my productive frenzy, I found my wedding shoes!! In my defense, I kind of had to! My dress came in six weeks early and I needed to have my shoes to take to my fitting!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!

Anyhow, here they are!

I know those last two pictures really suck. The full length was in the room where Ava was napping, and so instead of having decent lighting, I was trying to balance in 4.5" heels while trying to hold the blinds with one hand and the camera in the other. FAIL.

The pictures don't do them justice - I LOVE them! Simple, elegant and yet with a bit of flair!


  1. Oooh, I love them!! Is the dress a secret? Can't wait to see the whole look together. :)

  2. oo...so adorable!!! I love them!

  3. Love them! Just a small bit of advice though... pick up some cute bridal flops or flats for the reception. I loved, loved, loved my wedding shoes, but by the time the ceremony and pics were done with in my oh-so-loved wedding shoes, my feet were KILLING me. I had bought some hot pink flip flops for pre-wedding preparations and they wound up on my feet for the entirety of the reception. It made for some cute pics though. lol. Congrats and can't wait to see the whole ensemble!!!

  4. They are beautiful, but my ankles hurt just to look at them! (Of course, "high heels" for me means anything more than a half-inch!) :-)

  5. Nice kicks!!!! And props to being able to walk in such tall mommas. :)

  6. Eeeekkk!!! Love! And such a tease! Can't wait to see the whole ensemble:)


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