Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Meeting of My Two Worlds: Sweet Berry Farm

Yesterday was YET ANOTHER school holiday (kill. me.), so in order to pass the time outside of the house, we took a day trip to Marble Falls to Sweet Berry Farm for some pumpkin picking and other fall fun! It was a great experience, though a bit overwhelming at time with me and the four kids, not to mention the hour and fifteen minute drive each way. Even still, the drive was simply gorgeous, and it gave me time to unwind while all four kids were tied down to their seats! I'll take that anyday!

To make matters even better and more exciting, we had been invited by the D's (the family I used to work FT for, and now work two afternoon/evenings a week for...), so I was going to get to see my girls and introduce them to the boys. Ava was in attention-heaven!

The farm itself was gorgeous. We'll definitely be going back as a family next year!

We sat on pumpkins:

We took pictures with cutouts:

Picked flowers:

Went through a corn maze:

Saw a newborn donkey (it was born Sunday!)

and went on a train ride (so exciting for Ava!)

...and we met up with my ladies, too!

Ava was very confused by the meeting of her two worlds, particularly when P held the baby!

All in all, a successful, yet lonnnng(!!!) day!

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  1. That place is the best! We haven't gotten up there for 2 years- it looks like it's gotten even better than last time. Sounds like an incredible (yet exhausting) day.


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