Monday, October 10, 2011

Pioneer Farms.

Friday, we took a trip out to Pioneer Farms, an old-fashioned colonial farm situated not too terribly far from my house. It was ripe with history, not to mention farm animals - Ava's favorite part, and we had a great time. The only caveat was how hot it was compared to what I was hoping it would be. Oh well. Fall will come eventually (fingers crossed!)!!

Love me some Longhorns!

It was way bigger than we thought it would be!

The "square":

Ava spent the ENTIRE trip running!

Old-fashioned farmhouse:

"Hee haw! Donka, mama!"

This windmill was pretty awesome:

She was NOT shy about the cow - haha!

Leave it to Ava to find the one animal we can pet freely at home...

Old School Farm Equipment:

The Blacksmith's Shop:

How picturesque:



  1. Wow! That place looks awesome!!! I would love to go take pictures there. So cool!! Ava has the sweetest curls, by the way.

  2. Very good job buddy its really fantastic I am using these Farm Equipment since 2-3 years and I am getting satisfactory results and my farm is also looking like green garden.....Thank you


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