Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas/Birthday Gift Idea.

Well, we only made it to her second birthday before doing a combined gift, but if they're as awesome as this, it's ok, right?

Now who wants to help me put this bad boy together?


  1. Oh wowsers! Can I come and play? LOL. Ava is going to be one very happy little girl this Christmas. That's for sure!

  2. Oh, I bought that exact same set for BG1 when she turned...4 I think, it was awhile ago. Love it! I got the people to come & put it together though bc it was easier haha. BG1 still plays on it now & I can't wait for BG2 to start. It's a great set, the treehouse area above the slide is a bit small tho, but it works for them haha.

  3. yay! she is going to love it!! we have so much fun on ours. my mil watched it like a hawk at costco after summer was over when corbin was two months old! haha when there was only two left she bought it for more than half off!! this is a pretty big gift to make it a double present so its perfect! im sure she'll get other little things on the special days!!


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