Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Hallowean!

Nope. Not a typo. Also? I know Halloween was a few days ago, but I just could NOT come up with a relative title for this post, so that's the best I could do. Deal with it.

Anyhow, this is the post where - rather than revealing Ava's fifth Halloween costume - I ask for advice from any extended breastfeeders out there. That's right. We may not have had a heart to heart about it in recent months, but I am still breastfeeding Ava.

I know that most people may think that's a bit odd. In fact, I definitely fell into the aforementioned category prior to having a child. But between Ava's love of nursing and the comfort it gives her, and her milk protein intolerance, it's been the best choice for us. I could go on and on justifying why I'm still nursing my 22 month old, but - long story short - it's been what has worked best for our family. The end.

Now, though, I'm feeling like that ship has sailed. More and more I'm wanting to start the weaning process - and more and more she's pushing back on my attempts. I try to put her off when she wants milk and I feel like she doesn't really need it (aka bedtime/naptime), and she collapses into pitiful cries of, "Mama milk, peeeeaaase! Pease?" Then she starts signing please. Ok, Ok, Ava. I get it.

So - I need advice. Any weaning tips for a toddler. Also, anything to make it easier on mom? As much as it'll be nice to have my body entirely to myself for the first time in 2.5 years, I will admit to feeling sad about this time being over. Also, I definitely don't want to do it abruptly and have it mess with her feelings of security and comfort - I'm a real weirdo about my child not feeling abandoned or rejected at any cost.

Thanks, guys!


  1. Okay, well I weaned at 15 months, so a little earlier - but here are some tactics I used.

    I dropped one feeding at a time and held to it. If I was done with the bedtime feeding, then I didn't give in (mostly). I had by hubby do bedtime if possible. When dropping the morning feeding we took him straight downstairs for breakfast.

    I bribed him with snacks to distract him.

    I avoided sitting in the places where we traditionally nursed. If I sat on the couch in the afternoon he would get the boppy and come running and push it in my lap - so I had to avoid those spots.

    I don't think I would say things like "no more milk" or things like that because it could be confusing if you decide to have a 2nd.

  2. I nursed Graesen until he was 19 months old. What worked for us was staying busy. If Graesen was busy he wouldn't think about it as much. When we were down to 1 or 2 feedings a day my sister and her kids came to town for a few days. Graesen was so tired from all the fun that he fell to sleep without nursing. So, I would suggest having fun activities planned for some of her typical nursing times.

  3. Okay, sorry in advance because I have no advice. I do have a question...

    Carly is almost 14 months old and I think that she has a milk protein allergy. She's fine with cheese and yogurt, but whole milk....not so much. What were some of Ava's symptoms that lead you to find out? I've switched to almond milk, in the mean time, and she's fine :o/


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