Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Damn you, Pinterest.

I held out for a long time. A LONG time. But, then, I got suckered into Pinterest, and now my life may never be the same. I seriously have gone into a full-on cooking and organizing frenzy since joining Pinterest. Here are just a few of the projects I've undertaken:

Taken A's stuffed animals and given them a home on her closet door, so she'll see and play with them and they won't be all over her new bed:

Apparently shoe organizers are good for a LOT of things. This one, crafts! So handy! I did this where I nanny also, and it's made for much more accessible (and therefore used more) craft supplies!)

Homemade shaving cream bath paints. Shaving cream + a drop or two of food coloring + paints brushes = euphoric child & mommy win!

I've also cooked more in the past two weeks than the prior two months, including chocolate covered peanut butter bananas, white spinach artichoke lasagna, sour cream chicken enchiladas, bacon and tomato grilled cheese sandwiches, roasted rosemary chicken, potatoes and green beans, and the list goes ON. D is one happy, happy man!

We're in the midst of undertaking a major organizational overhaul at my house, if for no other reason than Ava got her big girl bed this past Sunday and so we're shaking things up! Pics to come once her bedding arrives!!!

And, if I don't follow you yet, leave me a link to follow you on Pinterest. I'm hooked!


  1. Oh my gosh - I LOVE Pinterest!! I do way more crafts, organizing, and cooking than I did before pinning came into my life. :-)

    Not sure if you're following me yet, if not I'm "ecwilk53"

    See you on there!

  2. Everyone around me thinks I'm "nesting", but I'm totally not. It's all Pinterest! Brandon loves pinterest as much as I do. He's been fed very well the past few months. Every time I make something new he asks if I got it off of interest, lol.

  3. i COMPLETELY agree! I love Pinterest!! :) I can't believe you waited so long. But, i guess you're making up for lost time,'ve been busy! :)

  4. oh, I think I'm ashlieS or just look up ashlie souders

  5. Love, love, LOVE Pinterest!!! I've pinned way more recipes and crafts than I could ever actually complete, but I have gotten some great inspiration and made some awesome things!

  6. Pinterest is crack! I love that site.
    I have made a few things and definitely cooked a lot from my pins. Makes me feel a little less guilty for all the time I spend there!


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