Friday, March 2, 2012

Ava's Big Girl Bed!

From this:

To this:

To answer the inevitable question, she hasn't slept in it yet, and I'm not sure when she will be. Basically, we want to talk it up and get her excited about it (which she is), but we're also coveting the end of our time all sleeping together. I'm sure non co-sleepers don't get it at all, but we'll definitely miss having her. She is such a little snuggler, and we both love it :)

She definitely loves her big girl room, though, and she napped on her bed the first day that it had blankets on it, and took one of the best naps! It is a little high off the ground, so we did manage to get our hands on some great rails to slip under the mattress to ensure she doesn't roll off, but she is very used to sleeping in a bed, so I bet that will be an easier switch than if she had (ever) slept in a crib - ha!


  1. Ahh...what a beautiful room! Take all the time you need with the switch...I really regret moving Seraphina out of our bed so early now that I look back... :) :) :)

  2. I love it! Now that is a REAL big girl bed. We just took the front of P's crib off, ha! It converts to a full size bed, but I wasn't sure how she would handle it. Enjoy your time with Ava and no rush to move her out. I'm definitely going to take things slower with this second baby. They really do grow up way too fast.

  3. Aw. Love her big girl bed! I totally understand what you mean about the move from sleeping together. I miss my babies sleeping with me and will be inno hurry with Mazie either. Plus it's so much easier nursing to share a bed :) good luck on the transition when you are ready :)

  4. looks great!
    we have to move d to a big boy bed soon i guess. i am not ready and he doesn't seem to care!
    good luck with the transition.


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