Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ava Ballerina!

Ava recently had her first ballet class, and it went great. Well, technically it went great for 40 minutes and downhill after that, but seriously, who schedules toddlers for hour long classes?!?! Anyways, we've been prepping her for ballet class for weeks, talking it up and letting her know that she would be going in by herself and I would be watching her through the window. All our classes up until now have been mommy and me type classes where I attend with her, so this was a big step for us that we wanted her to be ready for. She did GREAT!

Getting ready to head to our first class!

 Waiting anxiously for the class before to get done so she could go into the studio!

They teach the little ones through a story & this was the beginning of the story that day!

Looking for "mommy alligator" (part of the story)

Stretching her sides!

Getting into position :)

OMG I die!!!!

Twirling! AWWWW!

She was the only one doing the backbend right :) That's my girl!!!

Unfortunately I didn't bring Ava's tap shoes to her first class (they do tap the last 15 minutes), so when the other kids put theirs on, Ava got upset and things started going downhill. It wasn't long before she wailed, "I want my mommmmmmmmmy!" in the saddest little voice, so I joined her inside for a few minutes. This may have something to do with why I got a call suggesting she join a class for younger kids, since the one we were in was for 3 and 4 year olds. We took them up on that offer just for the sake of less stress, so we'll be joining our new class this coming week. I can't wait to watch her some more!!!

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  1. Um, despite Ava being the youngest in her class, she's the only one who seems to know how to properly dress for ballet class! And she looks like she doesn't have any problems doing the moves. She is too adorable in her tutu!! I hope the other class works out!


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