Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sadie the Paper Crown Princess at Brilliant Sky Toys!

Have I mentioned how wonderful Austin is for children? Oh yes, that's right, just about every day this week. Seriously, though, there is a never-ending supply of things to do with kids, especially in the summer!

We spent this past Saturday at the oh-so-wonderful Brilliant Sky Toys and Books, where the lovely Amanda Evans was making an appearance to read her newly released book, Sadie the Paper Crown Princess!

We arrived just in time to join in the group circling her to hear the read-aloud, and I am so glad we made it (we are always cutting it close these days due to having to stop so Ava can go potty!) because she's always so wonderful! We have a copy of the book (as you should, too), so she was familiar with the story, but it's always a great experience to hear it read by the author, in the voice she wrote it in. We also had the opportunity to make our very own paper crown afterwards to take home, which was a great outlet for all the energy she saved up listening to the story! Such a fun time!

It's so important to me to encourage a love of learning and reading in Ava, and we've been so lucky so far that reading books is one of her absolute favorite activities - something I definitely want to take the time and effort to foster as she grows older!

We also managed to run into some friends there, so we headed to lunch afterwards at this newly opened (and thankfully, very shaded!) playground in Westlake at Hat Creek Burger Company. I highly recommend this place (this location in particular, given the shade and the play area for kiddos)!

 And naturally, all this play led to the return of the nap, a great bonus for mommy!!!

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