Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Amazing Labor Day Weekend!

We had the greatest holiday weekend. Though I've yet to have time to wrap up last week, David started graduate school and is gone a couple nights a week in class, and between that and my new work schedule, the three of us hardly saw each other all week. As a result, the three day weekend was even more opportune, and we spent the three days hanging out and catching up a bit and spending time as a family.

Saturday, we hoofed it down to Westlake for A's friend's third birthday party, which turned out to be a ton of fun. It was thrown at Gorgeous Millie - a great cooperative playspace that we've enjoyed on many occasions! 

Then, as you know, Sunday was spent at Lego KidsFest Austin, which was an amazing time for all three of us, and a great opportunity for us to spend time all together and for David to get a chance to get in on all of the fun we have around town!

The best part, though, was when we took an impromptu trip down to San Antonio Monday for Labor Day, as my in-laws were visiting and had a hotel there for the weekend. We weren't sure until the last minute that we were going to make the drive, and so we didn't tell Ava anything except that we were "having an adventure" and the look on her face when her grandparents walked up to the car was priceless!

The fun only got better from there! We got into town around 10am, and so we headed straight to the Riverwalk (their hotel was directly on it, so that was an added bonus!) to take one of the famed riverboat tours.

Ava may not have been interested in the history, but the boat itself and the view of the water and people-watching? Right up her alley! Plus, since we arrived so early, we were able to get on the boats before it was too hot and crowded, which worked out perfectly! We also then had the chance to grab lunch ahead of the crowds, so we went in to Rainforest Cafe at my in-laws suggestion - a super cute (though pricey!) experience for everyone!

After lunch, we were desperate to keep Ava awake and engaged so that she would last all day (thus falling asleep when we got back into the car after dinner to make the drive back home and having an early bedtime!), so we walked the block and a half from their hotel to the San Antonio Children's Museum! This turned out to be a GREAT idea, as this place was truly awesome!

This is our third children's museum we've been too, and I was still extremely impressed! It's a toss-up between the airplane and the grocery store for the coolest part, but I see another trip in our future for the tiebreak :)

After that, it was definitely the mid-afternoon lull (about 3pm - you know what I mean?), and she was intensely tired, but we powered through and got her to rally by - you guessed it - taking a dip in the hotel rooftop pool! It may have been teeny tiny, but there was plenty of water for Ava to play and be tossed around by grandpa and dad!

And, with four pairs of adult eyes on Ava, I was able to relax slightly due and take in the view from the roof of the Hyatt :)

How was your Labor Day weekend? What fun things did you do?

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