Monday, August 26, 2013

Foodie Kids: Our New Favorite Indoor Activity in Austin!

I've heard of Foodie Kids from numerous people, but only just had a chance to take Ava in to try it out for myself, and it far exceeded my expectations!

First (and most outstanding to me) was how amazing and accommodating the staff is! I've now visited twice, both times with Ava and two to three other children, and each time they have impressed me with their friendliness and familiarity with the kids. By our second visit, they recognized us, and we felt right at home there. I noticed they knew the names of nearly everyone else that walked through the door while we were there - a fact that impressed me for two reasons. First, they obviously care about their customers. Second, families that visit repeatedly must be having the same wonderful, positive experience that we are!

Anyhow, the staff was only the first of many great impressions I got. For starters, one of the biggest challenges for a business that is child-centered is filling their down time, i.e. providing a way to keep kids busy and happy while waiting on things to cook, etc. Foodie Kids has most certainly nailed this aspect of their business model, providing aprons/chef's hats for the kids to color while waiting on their creations to come out for decoration (in the case of the cupcakes and cookies), and magic tricks and coloring pages for the time it takes for the other choices (pizza, cheesy bread, breadsticks and cinnamon rolls) to cook. They also add "fairy dust" (which is essentially edible glitter sparkles) to the finished products, sealing the deal for my little fairy princess! They then get to take home their finished product (or at least what's left after they tear into it in excitement!), their coloring creations, and the sponge they create with magic and paper (it's basically a grow towel in sponge size...). 

If you're looking for a little something extra to take home to keep those creative juices flowing and their cooking skills sharp, they also are a specialty boutique, selling all sorts of kid's cooking supplies, baking mixes, themed crafts, lunch boxes, aprons and more! 

Here are some pictures from our two visits:

Everyone enjoys turning their frosting their favorite color and picking toppings to decorate with!

...and sneaking some while decorating, too! 

My little chef in action

Enjoying her creation - this time, a pizza!

Foodie Kids is located off of Far West Blvd, just past the Hart Lane intersection. Price is $10.99 per creation, and you can choose from many options, including some that are dairy-free - a HUGE bonus for us! If you're looking to make a day of it, also check out the specialty shop nextdoor, Monogram Lady, as well as the nearby Old Quarry Branch Library and Goodwill Boutique, where children's books are a mere .99! 

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