Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The GD GD Test.

No, that's not a typo. I'm just having a down week so far, and the GD test is the reason why, landing it at the top of my "things that are upsetting me" list.

As it turns out, I failed my gestational diabetes screening. I know I shouldn't be so upset by this - in fact, it seems a lot of people fail the 1-hour but not the 3-hour. But, for one reason or another, I am. Mainly, I have to go in Monday to take the 3-hour since that's the only place I can fit it into my schedule before my 30-week appointment next week, and so I have to be downtown for this test by 8am. With Ava. And then sit at the lab with her for three hours, through four blood draws, and while I'm crashing from this drink that made me feel so amazingly sick because this baby hates sugar, but I'm afraid to take the Zofran beforehand again, since I should've passed with flying colors.  Basically, I'm just fed up. I've had the crappiest pregnancy with this never-ending nausea, and the thought of having to go on the GD diet and do finger pricks multiple times per day and freak out even more about my weight sounds absolutely awful. I'm so glad this is my last pregnancy and not my first, or we'd certainly have an only child. Hell, we nearly had an only child anyhow, and A's pregnancy was a breeze compared to this.

Anyways, I'm just venting. I'm upset about failing the test and having to redo it and also having to redo it with Ava, who understandably is going to be bored and over it by the first fifteen minutes and I'm going to be feeling awful, and I start back to work at my second job next week and I'm just so, so, so tired as it is and I just feel so overwhelmed. I know I should be grateful for good maternity care and our incomes and so many other things - and I am. I'm just wallowing today :(


  1. I totally understand and I've been dealing with GD since 24 weeks and the pregnancy from hell from the beginning. The 3 hour test was terrible for me because I do have GD and due to the lab being packed, I didn't get to start until I had fasted for 14 hours and it was terrible. They actually took two of my blood draws lying down since I was fainting. My only recommendation is to get there early so you can get in (they are strict about taking the blood draws each hour, so the sooner they start, the better) and try to eat up until that 12 hour period starts. Don't eat any added sugars and only complex carbs that day - although it's good to just start doing that now. You only drink the sugary drink once and the rest of the time you are just waiting for blood draws. Just wait to see the results before anything else since lots of people do not fail the second test. If you do have it, you don't have long to go and you can do it (and I can tell you a few things that have helped me). It's unlikely you will have an issue after the pregnancy at all which is what I'm hoping for myself..... Hope that helps, that was just my experience. There were several women doing the test when I was there and they were completely fine. I was the only one passing out. Yeah me!

  2. I am so sorry you are feeling this way. Hang in there! I am also surprised they were able to come to this conclusion, especially since they contacted you earlier saying they spilled/lost your original test! Keep your eye on the prize though, you will have a beautiful baby boy!


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