Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Little Squash: 34 Weeks (and Belly Pics!)!

How far along: 34 weeks

Net weight gain/loss: 24 pounds

Maternity clothes: yes, though hoping I retired the maternity swimsuit this past weekend. Shouldn't bathing suit season be over?

Stretch marks: not yet 

Belly button: fully popped 

Sleep: It's hit or miss. Either great, or awful. Either way, I need a lot of it!

Baby movement: Insanely active.

Gender: still a boy...

Food cravings: nothing - I haven't been feeling like eating lately...

Food aversions: no real aversions - I feel less nauseous than I have this entire pregnancy lately - but no real desire for food, either.

What I miss: not feeling so exhausted and run down all the time.

Looking forward to: figuring out this baby's name!

Best moment this week: Still fitting into my size S maternity swimsuit, and finishing up hanging stuff up in the nursery.

Milestones: baby can recognize simple songs that I sing :) He tends to love the sound of Ava's voice, mainly because she's a.) loud, and b.) high-pitched and excited most of the time, so he gets quite active when she's around!


  1. How fun... you have a girl and are now having a boy.

    I have a boy and am now having a girl!

    1. Awesome! One of each :) Congratulations!


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