Monday, September 23, 2013

Preschool Update!

Ava loves loves LOVES preschool. Usually. And she's doing GREAT as far as the learning and manners aspect goes. 


We've been having some separation anxiety issues on the way to school. I know this is normal, but it breaks my heart. Frequently when I drop her off, she tears up and says things like, "I just never want to be apart from you!", while kissing me repeatedly and saying I love you over and over :( I will say, though, that last week - her third week of school - went much better, with her not crying. I know when kids first go to school, and especially at the start of the year, this is common, but the sad face and the, "I want to be together with you every minute!" kills me a little :( 

The other thing that is on my mind about preschool is that Ava, who I consider to be a really social child, has been really isolating herself at school, specifically on the playground. As a child who was painfully shy and socially awkward, I want to encourage her to socialize, while not pushing her or making her feel as though she's doing something wrong, because she's not. She frequently reports sitting on the bench while at school on the playground, rather than playing with anyone. I know it's the beginning of the year, and the kids are all still getting to know one another, but I worry about her not forming social relationships and being outcast from her peers and this being pervasive in her school experience. I was made fun of and bullied and isolated at school, and while I know those things aren't the case with her, is the fact that she chooses to play alone, or sit on the bench and try to engage the adults instead of the other kids, an issue? Should I be doing something differently to encourage her to play with her peers? As I mentioned in my last post, I have volunteered as room mom for her class, and was planning to try to set up a group playdate to kind of break the ice with the kiddos, and potentially some one-on-one playdates with a couple of the kids that she seems interested in being friends with, but should I do more? Less? Am I worrying about something completely irrelevant and normal? Advice, please!

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