Monday, September 30, 2013

An Excursion to The Dino Park!

We've covered some serious ground in Austin when it comes to fun things to do as a family, so this past week, we chose to take this show on the road to Cedar Creek in Bastrop Country to visit The Dinosaur Park, an outdoor dino museum/exhibit we'd heard good things about. My moms group was able to reserve the park for the morning with a certain amount of reservations, and so A and I packed up a picnic and went out on our way to visit and catch up with some friends before this baby arrives! The only downside was the heat - when we left it was a staggering 97 degrees outside (!!!!!) - but we made it through and blasted the air in the car :)

First, we started out having a blast on the playscape while we waited for everyone else to arrive. I'm not terribly punctual these days, but still managed to be one of the first one's there - shocking!

After we'd had some fun digging for dinosaur fossils, we gathered our group and headed out to begin the excursion, which winds it's way through a scenic forest, displaying dinosaurs and with a scavenger hunt to find different related items and/or fossils, including a dinosaur claw, related prehistoric reptiles, and more!

Though it was a hot one, we had a great time, and it was well worth the $5 admission we paid to get in!

If you make the trek out to Cedar Creek (about 20 minutes southeast of Austin), two things to keep in mind. First and foremost, Union Chapel Rd comes out of nowhere - so watch out for it right after you pass the big pecan store on the other side of the highway. That brings me to my second thing, and that is you should absolutely stop into the pecan store (formally known as Berdoll's) - they have some great Texas paraphernalia and amazing pecan products that they make in their own backyard! YUM. You can also take a picture with this little</> big guy, if you're feeling brave. Ava was feeling up to the task, that is, until I went to click, hence the tears :(

The Dino Park can be found at 893 Union Chapel Road, Cedar Creek, TX  78612.

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