Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bad News.

This morning started out decently enough. Ava was up for a bit from 4-5 due to some explosive diapers, but otherwise slept well. I was able to get some extra sleep also, and had the motivation to get out of bed before she woke up to grab a few minutes to myself. Not a bad way to start the day! Then, I got an email.

As it turns out, the littlest of the two girls I watch is going to be in school full-time M-Th in the fall (until 2:30 each day), and my schedule only has me working until 4:30 each day, which, if you do the math, leaves me with a full day Friday and 8 hours between the other four. Even with the one to two mornings I make myself available to run errands such as grocery shopping, ill end up with 25 hours per week, max. While the D's had mentioned the possibility of this in the future, I didn't expect it to come so soon, and am deeply saddened both by the prospect of not getting to spend as much time with S & P, and by what this means for me with regards to work. I have every intention of staying on with them as long as I can find something to supplement a couple mornings where I can take Ava. Luckily I have been given a lot of advance notice to start scouting my options and have seven months before anything changes, but I am definitely worried about what will happen if I cannot find supplemental work :(

It seems as though little A has picked up on my sad mood, though, and has been smiling nonstop this morning to cheer me up!

Plus, Lost premieres tonight, and how can anyone be sad about that?!

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