Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Tuesday.

Truth be told, you may be certifiably worse than Monday. In fact, I'm sure you are.

Let's see. She slept great - in bed by 10pm, and awake by 10:15am, with three nursing breaks in between. No biggie. She fell asleep again after each with ease, so mommy got some good rest. That's where the good news ends, though.

First off, we're in the middle of a real live snowstorm. Is it the same as what those up North are getting? Of course not. But we have actual snow accumulation here in Austin, Texas, which is pretty dang noteworthy. In fact, there were over two inches on the ground at my house when I went running out the door this morning. Why'd I go running out the door? My darling little baby is sick :(

Sick may not be the right word, since the doc found no evidence of respiratory infection and her chest was clear. Both great news, and I am SO thankful. She is, however, projectile vomiting everytime she eats. She also has a touch of diarrhea, hinting at a little baby virus. Poor darling :( It breaks my heart. Luckily, she's in great spirits and even smiled at the doctor. And she has no ear infection, which is also a relief.

Anyhow, back to racing out the door. In a snowstorm. With my sick baby. Without showering or eating a bite (which is nominal compared to everything else!). Despite having a large SUV, I don't have 4WD, thanks to everyone assuring me that I'd never need it in Texas (ha!), nor do I have snow tires (self-explanatory, I'm sure). Therefore, thanks to our complete lack of preparation for these conditions (and by our, I mean the state of Texas, not myself and D), I had to do about 30 down the highway to avoid skidding or being pummeled by these dumbass Texas drivers. Not only did it take me an hour to get to the doctor (thank you weather + traffic), who when I called said just get here as soon as you can and I'll check her out (he's awesome), but I also left my wallet. Luckily, he didn't care. The parking people, however, did, and I had to fill out a promise to pay for a $2.00 charge. Seriously?

From there I went racing to pick S up from preschool, making it only slightly late and therefore parking my car in what doesn't technically constitute a spot. No biggie, right? I don't follow the rules of parking all that closely on a regular basis, so I wasn't worried. I just got my sick baby out in her carseat and hauled her into the school, cursing under my breath the entire day for still having to work - more on that later. I grabbed S and all her stuff, juggling the carseat and the bajillion doors at the school, and headed back to my car to find...a parking ticket. F off, APD. I hate you guys.

Then, right as I was about to hit the Sonic drive-thru, I remembered that it was Tuesday. AKA gymnastics. AKA no breakfast/lunch for me until at least 2:15. Only when my boss called to say that her flight back from NYC this evening was canceled and I would need to work late tonight and early tomorrow did I finally lose my shit and call off gymnastics for a much needed break. S, A & I are now all hanging out, watching cartoons and eating ice cream (well, A's eating ice cream vicariously through my breastmilk, but you know what I mean).

And yeah, I know I can't have ice cream, but I'm pretty sure God will let it slide considering the day I'm having.

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