Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's/7 Weeks!

First things first: Happy 7 weeks, Ava!

Yesterday was A's first Valentine's day (obviously!), and she got the cutest little hoodie from her great-grandma, and books and an outfit from mom & dad. We love our littlest Valentine SO much, and are so blessed to have her in our lives!

At seven weeks, Ava has become such a little doll. Her personality is coming out more and more, and she seems happier than ever! Whereas she smiled mainly upon waking up in the morning before, she's now doling out smiles to the two of us all day long, and making some cute little coos and squeals to go with them. I absolutely love hearing her little baby voice and the adorable sounds it makes, and love that she's starting to interact a little bit and make happy noises. Happy Ava = happy mommy! Ava is almost 23" long!!!!!!!! Geeeeeeeez, kid. You'll be taller than I am by the time you're four at this rate! She's also roughly 10.5lbs, judging by the super official weigh-me-then-weigh-her method. That sounds pretty big to me, but I've been assured it's not, and she can still squeeze her cutie patooty into the occasional newborn outfit and all of her newborn onesies, so I guess she may actually be on the smaller side (or at least it's distributed that way due to her height?).

Seven week pictures to come later on tonight, when I'm not at work on this beautiful sunny day with both girls and their respective playdates here. That's right. I have in my care today FIVE LITTLE GIRLS. Nothing like starting Monday off with a bang!

On a related note, for those of you yet to go back to work, or who stay at home and are wondering what being a working mom is like, let me fill you in:

You know you're a working mom when...

...your first meal consists of a three-year-olds lunch leftovers because it's your only chance to eat so far. don't realize your shirt is on inside out until after lunch.

...forgetting to put your breast pads in and having to borrow one of your boss's shirts while you throw yours in with the kids' laundry.

...taking a three-year-old to the potty ten times before you find time to go yourself. My previously teensy tiny bladder can now go four to five hours without emptying thanks to the demands of three children and managing the D's household and errands, amongst my own personal life.

...doing two loads of laundry and running the dishwasher five the D's. Having my own laundry and dishes neglected because it's the last thing I want to do at the end of the day.

...never having a single complaint just the same, because I know how amazingly fortunate it is that I can have the freedom of my own job and income while still spending my every waking moment with my baby girl and getting to nurse her from the breast round the clock!

For those of you still reading, thank you. I know this is a long-winded post, but before I sign off for the day (until I post pics later!), I'd just like to take a second to say thank you to all my fellow mommy bloggers. I have been fortunate enough to have "met" many other mommies with babies all around the same ages (some only a day or so apart from A!) through our blogs, and have really come to rely on them for many things, from advice to comedic relief to just the support that comes from knowing that they're going/have gone through the same thing, and that yes, this too shall pass. I value your input through the comments you leave, and enjoy reading all of your posts! Thank you ladies for all you do, and congratulations on your beautiful families :)

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  1. Happy 7 weeks! Isn't it amazing how much has changed in just 7 or 8 weeks? Jack is also smiling a lot now and making very cute sounds. He's awake a lot more during the day and more playful and focused. In love seeing the changes. I'm jealous you get to take Ava to work with you. I feel fortunate I'm able to take off 12 weeks but I have to go back to work full-time March 15 and send Jack to daycare. It's good you know how truly lucky you are! Can't wait to see more pics!


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