Thursday, February 18, 2010

What a Beautiful Day.

Today in Austin looks much like...well, how days in Austin should look. It's 65, clear, and sunny - does wonders for the mood and energy of the city! Finally having the opportunity, I took Ava down to Town Lake for a nice 3-mile walk along the trail and a chance for mommy to exercise with a few of my newly-acquired mommy friends (Thank you, Austin Pregnancy & New Mom meetup group!)

Anyhow, after our walk around the lake, one of Austin's most beautiful natural treasures, we headed over to Butler Park near the Long Center in order to kill some time and so little A could see the fountains. Naturally, she slept through both experiences! Mommy feels fantastic, though, having gotten both some exercise and some fresh air :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

P.S. I miss sugar something fierce!

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