Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Wrap-Up!

A's first Halloween was a roaring success (aside from the fact that she's feeling sick, but that's a whole other story!)! We spent most of the day low-key, just hanging out on the couch reading books and watching a bit of Dora, but then she rallied after a couple of exceptional naps - 2+ hours!!! - and so we ended up going to a Halloween party at my boss's house after all. It was a super fun time, with all the kids in costume and playing in the backyard and all the adults boozing it up WASP-style. Man, they throw some good parties :D

After the sun went down - which is considerably early compared to just two weeks ago! - we all hit the pavement for some trick-or-treating. A loved seeing all the costumes and people, and was enjoying socializing with all the little kids! She was also handing out huge, cheesy smiles in exchange for candy - love this kid!

Check it out:

Daddy & our little bumblebee:

S & her cousin at the party:

Ava and the Great Pumpkin:


P & friends:

Trick-or-treating in style - yes, that's a deluxe golf cart!

Happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. I'm so sorry Ava was sick on Halloween. Presley was too. She makes such an adorable bumble bee! Happy first Halloween Ava!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your first Halloween with your cute little bee! Something must be in the air because Jack isn't feeling well either. :( I hope they all feel better soon!

    Love the pics from the zoo as well. It looks like a great one and that rare giraffe/zebra thing is way cool!

  3. Cute cute little bee!! Happy 1st Halloween!!
    I'm so sorry Ava is sick. Poor baby :( Hopefully the antibiotics can kick it to the curb quickly.

  4. What a cute little Bee she is! Im glad she felt well enough to enjoy the day.


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