Monday, December 6, 2010

Let's Talk Birthday.

As you know, Ava turns one in 22 days. GAH! How?!?! Why?!?! Wahhhhhhhh.

Anyway, let's get down to business. Over the weekend, I ordered her birthday party supplies. I had wanted to do Elmer the Elephant if you'll remember, but as it turns out I was going to have to either shell out some mega $$ to have someone make the supplies for me, or make them myself. And I don't know about y'all, but I don't have that kind of time, and can't justify that kind of money.

SO, new theme:

(It's actually much cuter and involved than this picture makes it seem, but the better images are flash and won't let me save to my computer...grrr!)

Owls are so stinkin' cute, I just couldn't resist. Thoughts? I ordered plates, cups, napkins, the whole shebang! I also threw in a centerpiece, balloons, crepe paper, party hats and a personalized banner for kicks and giggles. I may not have been giggling come checkout, but hey - she's only one once! And to be honest, it really wasn't too bad. I managed to find an online coupon code for free shipping, which immediately knocked $7.95 off the price. (Note: I highly suggest scouring the interwebs for coupon codes via a quick google search - they're out there!)

Anywho, now that we have a theme shipped and on it's way, it's time to talk the good stuff: cake. Or cupcakes. That is the question.

Also, as you all know since I have beat it into your heads every day since April, A is dairy-free, meaning we have to do a vegan cake (at least for her and I!). SO...with that said, check out these badass cakes I found online:

Holy balls, for lack of a more appropriate term. Who are these parents and where are they hiding their resident Martha Stewart? How can I recreate any of these, and more importantly, how can I recreate them with VEGAN ingredients??! I'm screwed, aren't I???

Anyone know where I can find an owl cake pan of any brand that isn't wearing a damn graduation hat?!?!

Thank you, friends. You're lifesavers.


  1. What a cute theme! I love owls. Sorry, don't know about the cake pans.

  2. Ebay. Seriously. They've got those cake pans and they've got them cheap. By the way, I LOVE the first cake and the first set of cupcakes. Oh my god, I so wish I were creative in the kitchen. Good luck!!!

  3. I love owl!!! I just ordered the cutest owl necklace for me from stella and dot. I was super duper tempted to use that theme for P. but my good friend had just used it for her little girl. No idea on cake pans, but I also reccomend ebay, amazon, or etsy. I'm having P's cake made becasue I SUCK at anything creative. I can bake, but I can NOT make it look worth a Darn.

  4. Oh, I LOVE owls! Great theme! I'm making cupcakes with cute toppers for Asher's party on Sunday. The paper toppers I can handle - any special cake decorating and I'm lost! :o)

  5. Cute cute cute!!

    How about a cupcake cake? They are pretty neat...I co-hosted a baby shower back in March and one of the girls made one (not an owl). I googled 'owl cupcake cake' and came across this one:
    Basically you just layout cupcakes in the shape you want and frost them all together as one cake. Pretty creative!
    Here are some instructions for a pull-apart cupcake cake. I think you could do it!

  6. Oops...instruction:

  7. Have you heard of Bob's Red Mill? They're a company from here in Portland, but they sell vegan/gluten free cake mix. I have a friend whose little girl has to be gluten free and she uses their baking mixes all the time. Their website also has recipes for stuff like vegan frosting. I've had some of the stuff she's made and it's good. They have it in some grocery stores, but you can order online too.

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  10. I just saw this in Parents Magazine:

    The cook the head and body in pyrex bowls - so you don't even have to buy a pan just for the cake!


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