Monday, December 13, 2010

Taking a Deep Breath!

Today was our consult with the Pediatric GI - the chief, to be precise and fancy! - and it went great!

There will be no endoscopy.

There will be no bloodwork.

There will be no torturing my child endlessly and/or needlessly.

We'll just "wait and see". He's about 12903810293% sure she'll outgrow it, though unsure when, and so until I wean A - which could be a while - I just avoid dairy. Which, compared to the alternative, is so 100% FINE. BY. ME.


As a side note, Ava is nearly 31", and 20lbs. She's lost a pound, but we're keeping an eye on it. It was a different scale and she was naked, so that probably is why :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

And Happy 1st Birthday, Asher!


  1. Hooray, Hooray!!! I was thinking about you and Ava today:)

  2. That is SUCH great news! I'm so glad your appointment went well and nothing invasive was needed!

    Thanks for Asher's birthday wishes too! :o) You're so sweet!

  3. Awesome news! I knew everything would pan out!

    Now it's time for A to grow out of all her tummy issues!

  4. i've already told you this numerous times today, but this makes me insanely happy for y'all! this calls for celebratory drinks, we should get together sometime this week! (why does it seem like we say that a lot lately??)

  5. YAY!!! I'm so glad that everything is looking better :)

  6. hooray! so glad Ava will be a-okay!


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