Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spread the Love.

As I bought A's gazillionth Christmas and Birthday presents today, I thought that it would only be fitting that this year, and each year going forward, we also "adopt" a child in need to buy Christmas presents for. Unfortunately, this thought *may* have occurred to me a bit behind schedule, though I won't be sure until I talk to someone over at AISD tomorrow. Luckily, if I'm not able to do some good there, Nina posted over on her blog today about Compassion International, and some ways you can help a child overseas:

Some of the gifts you can purchase are a mosquito net ($10), a chicken ($16), vaccinations ($25), education supplies ($30), and a water filter ($55). For many of us, these prices are a fraction of what we’ll spend on Christmas gifts for our friends and family. But these little gifts can make a big difference in a child’s life:

- A mosquito net can protect a child from malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Africa.
- A chicken can be a source of income for a family in El Salvador.
- Vaccinations can rescue an infant who might otherwise die of a disease before the age of five.
- Educational supplies can help children in Burkina Faso, India, Haiti, Tanzania and Uganda with school fees, uniforms, and books they need to get an education.
- A water filter can clean up to 500 gallons of water a day and helps prevent waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid, E. coli and hepatitis A.

You can view the entire list and make a purchase/donate here.

Tis' the season!

NOTE: I will ask you, though, to reconsider when giving to the Salvation Army. While it may seem unkind of me to purposely rally against what seems like a worthwhile effort, the Salvation Army not only implores business and hiring practices that discriminate against homosexuals, but they in fact work to keep homosexuals in a state of inequality and treat them as second class citizens. Won't you send your money and/or donations to a business and charity that isn't blind to equality?


  1. I actually gave these types of things as Christmas gifts one year! World Vision ( has a program where you can buy mosquito nets/goats/fruit trees for someone in need, then send a gift note to the person who "gave" them. It was a nice way to give back while giving gifts to people who already have so much.

  2. B, thanks so much for sharing the information about Compassion! The cool thing about sponsoring a child through Compassion is that you get to exchange letters with the child throughout the year and get to know him/her--and that child can know that someone out there cares about him/her in particular.

    World Vision is also a great organization--you can't go wrong with either.

    Thanks again!

  3. Cool charity. And I love what Nina has commented about exchanging letters, how precious is that?

    I avoid the RI Food Bank because Eddie's grandmother volunteers there and brings us 'treasures' from the donation box. Like a used ear thermometer. Um. EW? Not that ANYONE wants some of the shit that she smuggles out of there, but it infuriates me that I'm put in a position to potentially waste something that someone out there may need. All because she's Catholic. I mean, cheap.

    Point? Yes. Research your charities.


    Thank you for counting down with me! EEEEE! I'm so excited that I can barely contain it. C'MON TUESDAY!!!

  4. Aw sweet. I want to do something similar. On my way to work yesterday I was listening to Kidd Kraddick's yearly Breaking & Entering, where a family nominated by someone they know is chosen & they break into their house & give them all kinds of gifts. It's families who are severely in need.

    Other nominated families can be "adopted", so I think next year I will def. be doing this!

  5. Awesome!! I think it's so important to set an example early. Ava is a lucky lil girl :)
    We do the same thing through World Vision.


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