Saturday, December 11, 2010

Say What?!

Thursday, as you may have noticed from the picture post here, was our Christmas photo shoot. It was also supposed to be Ava's first year pictures, but we didn't get past the first outfit/background because *someone* was being a little hellion....


I have a bit of beef with the photographer. Sure, she was decent enough at trying to contain my shrieking, running ball of energy, but she made one cardinal mistake. As I grew increasingly exasperated with chasing little A around the entire studio, she said, "Welcome to life with a toddler!"

Uhh...say what?! I'm sorry, but that's my BABY you're talking about. I mean, sure she's babbling her life away in a tone that makes you think she might be talking back, and she can make it from one side of the studio to the other in seconds flat, but can't you spot an 11.5-month-old when you see one? Sheeeeeeeeeesh.

She's my BABY, damn it.


Ladies! When did our babies become..gulp...toddlers? WAH!!!


  1. I realized last Friday night when Anne started walking that she was quickly approaching toddlerhood. And then when I realized she wasn't just looking at books, but was BABBLING her way through them, "reading aloud," I guess. But the big sign was the other night when she didn't want to go to sleep and proceeded to throw a tantrum and threw everything of her crib.

    I also wondered if it's possible for the terrible two's to start before age one!

  2. When they walk around. They are toddlers.
    @Nina - yes they do. Oh god, they do.

    Mine is 17 months and I dread the amount of trouble she'll be able to get into when she's able to reach the doorknobs she knows how to open.


  3. ditto on the WAH! I've been teary all day thinking about Asher's birthday tomorrow. How are they so big, so quickly?!

  4. Toddlers are always one year older than baby in question actually is.

    I totes bristled when I first heard that word. Toddler? My ONE year old?

    The Cute is still very much a baby. BABY. A baby, the baby, my baby.



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