Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ava is obsessed with the word/concept of "Cheers!", and she totally seems to understand it (we may be drinking too many weekend mimosas at brunch...)!

It started off that she would cheers our cups at the dinner table, which we got a kick out of. Now, though, she does it for everything that's the same. Yesterday was one of the most precious instances:

Putting Ava into the car after the park, she was staring deeply into my eyes.

Ava: "Daddy has green eyes."
Me: "Yes, you're right!"
Ava: "Mommy brown eyes."
Me: "Yep, just like Ava."
Ava, pressing her eye to mine: "Cheers!"

GAH! She's just so cute. She's also been cheers-ing our toes together, since they're both painted the same color, and the other day when we were both blowing our noses, she touched her kleenex to mine and went, "Cheers!"

I love this age. Totally almost makes up for the fact that she dropped her animal on the ground earlier and said, "aw, shit." :X


  1. What a sweetheart!!!! B likes to Cheers too, but only with glasses. :)

    It's OK that she cursed... that's all part of life, right? Hehehe kids are so funny!

  2. Aww, yay! I need to teach Asher cheers. SO CUTE!!!

  3. How funny! That's cute that she makes the connection between other things that are similar :)

  4. Ahhhh, this is super cute!!! This is definitely a great age! Although it's getting harder to get anything by them, hence the cursing. :)


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