Monday, January 9, 2012

An Impromptu Trip to the Cameron Park Zoo.

Yesterday, itching for something fun to do in the gorgeous weather, we made the nearly 100 mile drive to Waco, Texas to the Cameron Park Zoo. We didn't decide until mid-morning to go, so we timed our departure to directly after our early lunch, and it worked perfectly. Ava slept the entire drive, and when we got there, she was refreshed and ready to go!

The gibbons hammed it up for us!

The bald eagles made me sad :( Poor caged birds!

This was seriously the most child-friendly zoo I've ever visited. There were themed playscapes everywhere!

The cutest little monkey:

Aren't these fish fascinating?

There was a little cave you could crawl into where you could see the alligators up close and personal. Ava was brave!

The regal jaguar - one of my faves!

Ava in a teepee!

How awesome are these owls?

Their herpatarium was world class:

Ava wasn't remotely afraid of the snakes!

I'm partial to the giraffes...

When asked what her favorite animal was, Ava told us the rhino!

The elephant wasn't posing for us :/

The majestic lion:

She was not cooperating for this one:

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  1. So fun! I've never heard of Cameron Park zoo. We want to do a weekend trip to San Marcos soon, so maybe we will make a detour on the way


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