Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Winter Wonderland!

This past weekend, we attended birthday parties from A-Z (no, literally - we celebrated with birthday girls with A & Z names!), and they were so beautifully done I just had to share.

On Saturday, we went down to Gorgeous Millie to celebrate the second birthday of one of the little ones I work with. Gorgeous Millie is a locally-owned cooperative, teacher-led playgroup, and has to have one of the most beautiful spaces for children I've ever been in. The walls are etched with gold flowers, the furniture is comfortable - an anomaly amongst children's venues! - and every little area is well thought out to encourage constructive and imaginative play. I honestly cannot say enough good things!

Anyhow, we arrived at Gorgeous Millie to see the space transformed into a winter wonderland! Ava even wore a Christmas-y dress for the occasion (and so mama could get another use out of it - it's one of my faves!):

Walking in a Winter Wonderland:

I mean, seriously, how adorable are those details? I particularly loved that the hot cocoa bar also had Prosecco as an option, and the donut and milk snowmen? Divine! 

In case the decor and food wasn't adorable enough, there were also winter crafts and a face painter on hand,which Ava took full advantage of!

One satisfied birthday party patron!

Happy, happy birthday to A! We had an amazing time!!!

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  1. So fun! I love Ava's dress and boots! Wanna sell them to a certain baby Hadley when A outgrows them? ;-)


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