Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Little Gym of Round Rock: Ava's a Funny Bug!

Now that Ava's celebrated her third birthday, she's graduated from the Super Beasts class at The Little Gym of Round Rock into the Funny Bugs/Giggle Worms combined class for 3-4 & 4-5 year olds.

We went to our first class with our new friends this past weekend, and while there are some kids that are a lot older, it works out great since her ballet class is with the same age group, and she really idolizes older children. If there's ever anything we really want Ava to do, we just have to get one of her older friends to do it, and she'll jump right in!

Anyhow, the new class was great, if a bit larger. Since the course curriculum follows the timeline of a school year, rather than semester, we did happen to start on the mid-session parent watch day, which threw us slightly off our game. We'd been prepping her for the fact that in this new class, we wouldn't be able to go in with her, so imagine her confusion when every parent filed into the classroom to watch. Doh! That's ok, though - it was a great way to ease her into the new class and she'll be ready and see some familiar faces for next Saturday's class.

Here's my "funny bug" doing her thing!

We're really looking forward to this weekend's class!

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