Thursday, May 23, 2013

Open Gym at The Little Gym of Round Rock!

One of my favorite benefits of being a member of The Little Gym of Round Rock is the times that they hold "open gym" time. Rather than a scheduled class, this is time when the gym is open to certain age groups to come and just practice and play! In case the use of the facility isn't enough, they have instructors on hand to guide them through this practice time, helping them try new moves or work on ones they're particularly interested in. 

For Ava, this was definitely back handsprings:

Ava typically likes to practice a newly learned skill repeatedly, something that isn't always an option at home without TLG's awesome equipment and techniques, so this was a great chance for her to do back handsprings until her little heart was content! And believe me - she did! 

Ava enjoying her free time in the gym:

Another skill Ava wanted to try her hand at while we had time to practice was a front flip on the bars. If you think this sounds too advanced for a three-year-old, you haven't met the amazing "coaches" at The Little Gym. Ava's always believed herself invincible, but they certainly inspire her confidence to try new things in a way that continuously amazes me :)

Aside from free play, they also offer a bit of structure for kids who desire it. For example, during our time at open gym on this particular day, Coach Ashlee brought out some basketballs and a miniature hoop, to provide a bit of structure in the chaos and offer the children a chance to hone their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills! 

That looks like one satisfied customer, right? If you've yet to check out The Little Gym of Round Rock, you can find them online here, or check out their Facebook page for more information. They also have a Lakeline location for those closer to Cedar Park and Northwest Austin.

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  1. Way to go AVA! Look at those amazing skills and your doing it ALL BY YOURSELF! :)


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